Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Welcome to Anasazi Dream Flutes

From left to right: Two Anasazi style in A, two Meditation flutes in Bm, Mojave Style, Anazita in C,
Anazita in D

This is the place to begin your Ancient flute journey. If you have been playing Native American flutes and want to expand your musical horizons with playing rim blown flutes, flutes from Anasazi Dream are the ideal place to start. Inexpensive, yet finely tuned and nicely crafted, each flute will provide an affordable and professional-sounding experience. Visit each one of the pages on the above tabs to see the types of flutes that are available.  I am also making major scale (diatonic ) flutes and an East Indian tuned flute (Namasté). All of the flutes can be painted in a variety of pleasing styles.

Please Note: I am not a member of a Native American tribe, and do not represent these instruments as being Native American made.

A Flute in High B, Chechen Wood, with a distinctive flat fingerboard.
(See the Etsy Mini-store below)

Simple yet elegant A minor flute in clear pine.

A G-sharp Anasazi-style in Sapele Wood
This was a custom order for Mark M., in Austin, TX
The G-sharp has a warm, deep tone and the sapele wood is a beautiful instrument wood. Here is what Mark said after getting the flute in the mail:
"Received the flute today. What a wonderful piece of workmanship! The only problem I'm having is that once I start playing, it's very difficult to stop! Is there any known remedy for this (lol)?" 

A Double-bore Drone Flute
in E and B minor

 C# Primavera Wood Flute (sold)
 A Minor Pine Flute w/Gecko Bead (on Etsy)
Gecko Bead closeup (SOLD)
G Minor Oak Flute, blackened (sold)
C minor Flute with Bear Fetish Bead
made of western red cedar, a real beauty! (sold)

This beauty is a 6-hole Meditation Flute in B Minor,
Made from Tiger Wood with a Turtle Fetish. Already sold, went to Texas!

An Oak flute in G with Red Accents, (sold)
A Beautiful-sounding Anasazi style flute in B-flat. Made from clear pine, it has a warm and round tone. Contact me for more info. (Sold)

A short improvisation on a G minor flute...

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