Wooden Native American-style Flutes

The New Flute Gallery
I'm making NAFs now that I feel offer the same degree of quality that I look for myself. I am aiming for a simple, but graceful look and feel in the design. A few of the flutes are available now on the Etsy store.

This video of a cedar flute in G minor is on YouTube now, with a soundtrack of a short improvisation featuring its sound. It's in the Etsy store.

NOTE: As of July 15,  I've reduced the price as an introductory incentive. Give them a look!

An Ancient Mojave Tuning

One of the early rim blown flutes was found an determined to have a tuning that is unusual but interesting to Western ears. I made one of these from Spanish Cedar and can offer this for $125.00 .
Here is a video of the sound:

The tuning is: b-c-d-e-f, with the ability to overblow into the next octave.
Contact me if you are interested.