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Latest Flutes...
All my flutes are with Etsy, but here are a few of the most recent. You can link directly to the Etsy from the home page of this site.

Darkened Pine Flute in G 
This nicely voiced flute in G is made of clear pine that is not stained but darkened through a natural chemical process. A little black paint and a goat fetish finishes the look.

  Anasazi Flute in B, Canary Wood
Pine Flute in E with Red Banding

The "Floating Shaman" Anasazi Flute in Western Red Cedar
E Minor Flute in Spanish Cedar

 A Burning Man Flute...
One of my brothers attended the 2014 year's Burning Man. He had given me two redwood slats from his remodeled porch, and asked if I could make him a flute for the occasion. I came up with this, a very light and tuneful F# flute, with a driftwood bird and the Burning Man logo burned into the wood. A small band of three flames is at the bottom of this 6-hole flute. He played it at sunrise on the playa for the other attendees.

Here I am, playing "Yesterday" on one of the G minor flutes.

One Collector's Flutes
Kathy P., from a California city, has been a loyal client who has really conquered the rim blown style. She is also very creative and takes it up a notch on decorating the flutes to make them more personal for her (I do the same thing for me!)
The Anasazi in B (2nd from left) was a special order. The flutes are as follows (from left to right): Anasazi in A, B, C, D, Meditation flutes in B minor, D minor, Namasté in E, Mojave in B minor.
Thanks for the pic, Kathy!